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Patients affected by Alzheimer's disease (DAT) showed considerable difficulties assessing the numerosity of complex dot patterns (up to 30 dots). Patients' and controls' performance was found to be modulated by the spatial array of dot patters. Dots presented in curved lines were easier to count than dots in circle arrays or in random arrays. Highly(More)
BACKGROUND Sublingual immunotherapy (SLIT) is a relatively new form of treatment for type I allergies and a good safety profile is rapidly being established. Evidence on the efficacy of SLIT is increasing, and the present study provides further supportive data. We describe the results of treatment with a SLIT vaccine formulated with a range of allergen(More)
BACKGROUND A short-term immunotherapy vaccine for the treatment of pollen allergy has been developed utilising L-tyrosine adsorbed allergoids. The reduced number of injections could provide advantages over long-term therapy schedules. This would improve compliance and support application of specific immunotherapy (SIT) to a greater extent. We report a(More)
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