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Intercorrelation between the Wiener index, hyper-Wiener index, Harary index, hyper-Harary index, detour index and hyper-detour index is studied on three sets of branched and unbranched alkanes and cycloalkanes with up to eight carbon atoms. First set (S-39) contains all alkanes from ethane to octane (39 molecules), the second set (S-139) 139 cyclic(More)
Zagreb indices were reformulated in terms of the edge-degrees instead of the vertex-degrees as the original Zagreb indices. Three types of Zagreb indices were considered: original, modified and variable Zagreb indices. It is found that the optimum exponent of the variable reformulated Zagreb M 2 index (v=−1/2) is identical with the exponent of the(More)
A novel QSAR study of benzamidines complement-inhibitory activity and benzene derivatives acute toxicity is reported and a new efficient method for selecting descriptors is used. Complement-inhibitory activity QSAR models of benzamidines contain from one to five descriptors. The best, according to fitted and cross-validated statistical parameters, is shown(More)