Sonja Nikolic

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Several currently used measures of the complexity of molecules, such as, for example, those by Bertz and Randić or those based on the number of spanning trees, are briefly reviewed. We also proposed as complexity measures the sum of vertex-weights and the sum of edge-weights and their variants related to partition of vertex-weights and edge-weights into(More)
A molecular modeling study is performed on series of benzimidazol-based inhibitors of human dipeptidyl peptidase III (DPP III). An eight novel compounds were synthesized in excellent yields using green chemistry approach. This study is aimed to elucidate the structural features of benzimidazole derivatives required for antagonism of human DPP III activity(More)
A novel QSAR study of benzamidines complement-inhibitory activity and benzene derivatives acute toxicity is reported and a new efficient method for selecting descriptors is used. Complement-inhibitory activity QSAR models of benzamidines contain from one to five descriptors. The best, according to fitted and cross-validated statistical parameters, is shown(More)