Sonja Naumann

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Rabbits (Oryctolagus cuniculus) of non-dwarf (Group A) and dwarf (Group B) strains showing a common clinical sign of head tilt (torticollis) were examined. With 1 exception, all rabbits of group A had otitis and empyema of either one or both middle ears. Pasteurella multocida was isolated from pus and from the nose of all but 1 of these rabbits, and on(More)
Six female rabbits (Oryctolagus cuniculus) were experimentally infected intravenously with approximately 1.5 X 10(7) live spores of Encephalitozoon cuniculi. Head tilt was observed as the single clinical sign in only one of the six animals. Antibody response was registered over 68 days postinfection using the indirect immunofluorescence test (IFT) for IgM(More)
Personality aspects are largely neglected in existing models of media preferences. Based on a functional approach, it is hypothesized that media preferences are affected by Extraversion and Neuroticism particularly in situations that correspond to the motivational implications of these traits. The results of a questionnaire study (N = 228) on preferences(More)
Prolactin and other lactogenic hormones are mitogenic for the rat T-cell lymphoma line, Nb2. Glucocorticoids have antiproliferative effects on these cells. A limiting feature of experiments utilizing the Nb2 line is their labor-intensive nature. We therefore adapted the commonly used MTT dye proliferation assay for the Nb2 cell line. While rPRL, hPRL, oPRL,(More)
The purpose of this study was to better understand the multidimensional nature of overbite changes that occur during adolescence. The study used longitudinal cephalograms of 181 untreated children (102 males, 79 females) taken at ages 10 and 15. Four major components that directly affect overbite were measured: (1) maxillary vertical displacement, (2)(More)
The plug is an eosinophilic mass, partly homogenous and partly porous, filling the proximal urethra in rats and occasionally extending into the bladder. Its average weight in 131 adult rats was 0.063 g. These plugs are normally present in the urethra of adult male rats, and this seems to be the case for all laboratory Muridae and Cavidae. The absence of a(More)
Homogenized lung tissue was used to experimentally reproduce lethal viral pneumonia in guinea pigs. The resultant lesions corresponded with those of the spontaneous disease. Pneumonia with necrotic bronchiolar epithelium accompanied by basophilic intranuclear inclusion bodies was the primary finding. With transmission electron microscopy, numerous viral(More)
2 young female guineapigs kept as pets died consecutively with signs of enteritis. Yeasts were isolated in large quantity from their small intestines. In the 2nd animal the yeast strain, isolated from the gut and other organs, was identified as Torulopsis pintolopesii. Thus, this normal inhabitant of the gut may be characterized as an opportunistic pathogen(More)