Sonja Meyer zu Berstenhorst

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Light-mediated gene expression enables the noninvasive regulation of cellular functions. Apart from their classical application of regulating single cells with high spatiotemporal resolution, we highlight the potential of light-mediated gene expression for biotechnological issues. Here, we demonstrate the first light-mediated gene regulation in(More)
Yeasts are an attractive expression platform, as they combine the ease of handling with the eukaryotic ability to process the produced protein. Important aspects of eukaryotic protein expression are posttranslational modifications, which can be required for functional expression of the protein of interest and can only be performed by eukaryotes. Each(More)
Molybdenum is an important trace element as it forms the essential part of the active site in all molybdenum-containing enzymes. We have designed an assay for the in vivo detection of molybdate binding to proteins in Escherichia coli. The assay is based on (i). the molybdate-dependent transcriptional regulation of the moa operon by the ModE protein, and(More)
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