Sonja M. Stringer

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RATIONALE Urban African-American youth, aged 15-19 years, have asthma fatality rates that are higher than in whites and younger children, yet few programs target this population. Traditionally, urban youth are believed to be difficult to engage in health-related programs, both in terms of connecting and convincing. OBJECTIVES Develop and evaluate a(More)
To assess the combined risks of being born preterm and to a teenage mother, and to evaluate the effects of an early intervention, preterm infants born to lower-class, black, teenage mothers were provided a home-based, parent-training intervention, and their development was then compared with that of nonintervention controls, of term infants of teenage(More)
Preterm neonates (mean 32 weeks' gestation, 1,300 gm birth weight) were provided a pacifier for nonnutritive sucking during tube feedings in the intensive care nursery. Their clinical course, subsequent bottle feeding behavior, and performance on the Brazelton Neonatal Behavior Assessment scale were compared with those of control group infants. The infants(More)
INTRODUCTION Cancer is rare in adolescents and young adults (AYA), but these patients have seen little improvement in survival in contrast to most other age groups. Furthermore, participation in research by AYAs is typically low. We conducted a study to examine the feasibility of recruiting a population-based sample of AYA survivors to examine issues of(More)
Cannabis is the most widely produced and consumed illicit psychoactive substance worldwide. Occasional cannabis use can progress to frequent use, abuse and dependence with all known adverse physical, psychological and social consequences. Individual differences in cannabis initiation are heritable (40–48%). The International Cannabis Consortium was(More)
AIM To examine preferences for oral medication attributes among participants with early and advanced type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM) in the UK using a discrete choice experiment (DCE). METHODS A web-based DCE was administered where participants indicated which medication they preferred from two different hypothetical oral anti-diabetic (OAD) medication(More)
Strategies for identifying urban youth with asthma have not been described for high school settings. African-American high school students are rarely included in asthma studies, despite a high risk of asthma mortality when compared to other age and race groups. Identification and follow-up of children with uncontrolled respiratory symptoms are necessary to(More)
Asthma and obesity disproportionately affect US African-American youth. Among youth with asthma, obesity has been associated with poor control. The impact of gender on this association is unclear. We examined these relationships in a sample of urban, African-American adolescents with asthma. Questionnaires were used to identify high school students with(More)
BACKGROUND To develop content validity of a comprehensive patient-reported outcome (PRO) measure following current best scientific methodology to standardize assessment of influenza (flu) symptoms in clinical research. METHODS Stage I (Concept Elicitation): 1:1 telephone interviews with influenza-positive adults (≥18 years) in the US and Mexico within 7(More)