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Self-adhesive thin-films have been developed as a topical delivery system for 5-aminolevulinic acid (ALA). The thin films are suitable for use during the photodynamic therapy of epithelial skin tumors. They are composed of a combination of the lipophilic polymer Eudragit NE and the lipophilic plasticiser acetyl tributyl citrate (ATBC). Because of its(More)
The circulatory responses to progressively increasing doses of angiotensin II were studied in the same group of chronically instrumented unanesthetized pregnant sheep during three consecutive periods: a) normotensive with intact kidneys; b) normotensive with unilateral nephrectomy; and c) one-kidney hypertension. The results show that 1) the pressor(More)
Oral tolerance tests were performed on 13 neonatal foals to determine their ability to digest disaccharides on d 1, 3 and 5 postpartum. Foals were assigned randomly to treatments consisting of 20% (wt/vol) solutions of either maltose, lactose, or sucrose, dosed at 1 g/kg of BW, or glucose, dosed at .5 g/kg of BW. After a 2-h fast, an initial blood sample(More)
The contributions of the intrinsic, beta-adrenergic, and cholinergic systems to the mechanisms of beat-to-beat variability of the heart rate were investigated in chronically instrumented, unanesthetized newborn lambs from the first week to the eighth week of neonatal life. During this period of neonatal growth, the resting heart rate decreased spontaneously(More)
It has been suggested that sodium nitroprusside, a potent vasodilator, be used in the management of an acute hypertensive crisis during pregnancy. The present study was designed to evaluate the hemodynamic effects of this agent in the same group of chronically instrumented, unanesthetized pregnant sheep during two experimental periods: (a) normotension with(More)
Chronically instrumented, near-term pregnant sheep were subjected to autonomic blockade with spinal anesthesia. Systemic arterial pressure, heart rate, and uterine blood flow decreased and uterine vascular resistance increased during the spinal blockade. Infusion of dopamine during the spinal hypotension corrected the disturbed circulatory parameters. These(More)
Maternal and fetal hemodynamic effects and placental transfer of midazolam (RO 21-3981, Hoffman-LaRoche) and diazepam were studied in chronically instrumented pregnant ewes. Diazepam administration resulted in greater increases of maternal and fetal heart rates and maternal blood pressure, and greater alteration of total uterine blood flow than did(More)