Sonja Lemke

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In this joint research project, collaborators at HZB and CAMD investigated the fabrication of ultra-tall, high-aspect ratio microstructures patterned into two new negative resists using deep Xray lithography (DXRL). Focus of the research efforts was on sensitivity, contrast, and dimensional accuracy, all compared to PMMA -the well-established standard(More)
Above its glass transition, the equilibrated high-density amorphous ice (HDA) transforms to the low-density pendant (LDA). The temperature dependence of the transformation is monitored at ambient pressure using dielectric spectroscopy and at elevated pressures using dilatometry. It is found that near the glass transition temperature of deuterated samples,(More)
Soft x-ray lithography is a promising micro-nano fabrication process for patterning ultra-precise, low and high aspect ratio microand nanostructures [1-5]. A new negativetone, epoxy-based x-ray resist, mr-X, which offers comparable contrast to PMMA (> 3) at a factor of 20x higher sensitivity, is a promising candidate for this approach [6]. Using a 1 μm(More)
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