Sonja Janmaat

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Dendritic differentiation involves both regressive and growth events. The mechanisms controlling the regressive events are poorly understood. This study is aimed at determining the role of the nuclear receptor retinoid-related orphan receptor alpha (RORalpha) in Purkinje cell (PC) dendritic differentiation in organotypic cultures. As observed in vivo, in(More)
In vivo, homozygous staggerer (Rora(sg/sg)) Purkinje cells (PCs) remain in an early stage of development with rudimentary spineless dendrites, associated with a lack of parallel fiber (PF) input and the persistence of multiple climbing fibers (CFs). In this immunocytochemical study we used cerebellar organotypic cultures to monitor the development of(More)
A major problem of ageing is progressive impairment of neuronal function and ultimately cell death. Since sex steroids are neuroprotective, their decrease with age may underlie age-related neuronal degeneration. To test this, we examined Purkinje cell numbers, plasma sex steroids and cerebellar neurosteroid concentrations during normal ageing (wild-type(More)
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