Sonja Heinrich

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A model was developed taking into consideration the heat and mass transfer processes in liquidsprayed fluidized beds. Such fluidized beds (FB) are used for granulation, coating and agglomeration. Conclusions are drawn on the relevance of particle dispersion, spraying and drying to temperature and concentrations distributions. In extension, the model was(More)
Spout fluidized beds are frequently used for the production of granules or particles through granulation. The products find application in a large variety of applications, for example detergents, fertilizers, pharmaceuticals and food. Spout fluidized beds have a number of advantageous properties, such as a high mobility of the particles, which prevents(More)
In this paper, evidence is provided that Chilean dolphins (Cephalorhynchus eutropia) produce ultrasonic echolocation clicks of the narrow-band high-frequency category. Echolocation clicks emitted during approaches of the hydrophones consisted only of narrow-band (rms-BW: 12.0 kHz) single pulses with mean centroid frequencies of about 126 kHz, peak(More)
A commercial XeCl laser system is operated with a phase-conjugating mirror based on stimulated Brillouin scattering (SBS). No conventional start resonator is required. The near-field profile is converted from rectangular to near-Gaussian and the far-field spatial beam quality is increased by up to 60% relative to a conventional plane-plane resonator. The(More)
Spouted beds are well known for their good mixing of the solid phase and for their intensive heat and mass transfers between the fluid phase and the solid phase. Nearly isothermal conditions are enabled which is of advantage for the treatment of granular solid materials in granulation, agglomeration or coating processes. In this work the hydrodynamic(More)
Recently the importance of spouted bed technology has significantly increased in the context of drying processes as well as granulation, agglomeration or coating processes. Particulate systems concerning very fine or non spherical particles that are difficult to fluidize, often cannot be treated in conventional fluidized beds. In contrast to those fluidized(More)
The application of biopolymer aerogels as drug delivery systems (DDS) has gained increased interest during the last decade since these structures have large surface area and accessible pores allowing for high drug loadings. Being biocompatible, biodegradable and presenting low toxicity, polysaccharide-based aerogels are an attractive carrier to be applied(More)
During a spray granulation process the moisture loading in fluidized beds has a great influence on the inter-particle collision properties and hence on the flow behaviour. To study the influence of the liquid layer as well as granule impact velocity on the impact behaviour free-fall experiments were performed. During these experiments the γ-Al2O3 granules(More)