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Although hedgerows, windbreaks, and other biodiversity-enhancing farm edge features offer the potential for ecosystem benefits without occupying much crop space, relatively few farms in California, USA include such features. Our study identified the practices currently used to manage non-cropped edges of fields, ponds, and watercourses in a case study area(More)
Amid growing concerns about climate change and long-term petroleum reserves, the food system looms large as a major user of fossil fuels and, as a result, producer of greenhouse gases (GHG). Indeed, these twin problems may be the significant drivers that catalyze change in the food system in the 21 century. Already we are witnessing a stream of new policies(More)
Understanding how to source agricultural raw materials sustainably is challenging in today's globalized food system given the variety of issues to be considered and the multitude of suggested indicators for representing these issues. Furthermore, stakeholders in the global food system both impact these issues and are themselves vulnerable to these issues,(More)
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