Sonja Šostar Turk

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Textiles are a common material in healthcare facilities; therefore it is important that they do not pose as a vehicle for the transfer of pathogens to patients or hospital workers. During the course of use hospital textiles become contaminated and laundering is necessary. Laundering of healthcare textiles is most commonly adequate, but in some instances,(More)
Protective clothing is required in the food-processing industry, to protect workers from contamination by bacteria, fungi, viruses, prions etc. contained in the secretions and raw meat of slaughtered animals, and to protect the meat from being contaminated by microorganisms carried by the workers. It is well-understood that textiles are a control point(More)
Discipline of molecular ecology and molecular techniques such as polymerase chain reaction (PCR) offers a possibility to study and reveal the microbial diversity in environmental settings with complicated mixed communities, non-culturable organisms, interfering contaminants and low levels of target DNA. Hospital environment represents a new ecological niche(More)
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