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Amino acids as chiral auxiliaries in cyanuric chloride-based chiral derivatizing agents for enantioseparation by liquid chromatography.
This review summarizes and critically evaluates the recent research on application of amino acids and amino acid amides as chiral auxiliaries in cyanuric chloride (CC) based chiral derivatizingExpand
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Resolution of enantiomers of bupropion and its metabolites by liquid chromatography.
Bupropion, a tricyclic aminoketone, is used primarily in the treatment of depression, the management of patients with bipolar and schizo-affective disorder, and the treatment of Parkinson's disease.Expand
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Bioassay, determination and separation of enantiomers of atenolol by direct and indirect approaches using liquid chromatography: A review.
Atenolol, a β-adrenergic receptor antagonist, is a chiral compound used for the treatment of cardiovascular diseases and to treat hypertension, coronary heart disease, arrhythmias, sinus tachycardiaExpand
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Liquid chromatographic enantioseparation of (RS)-mexiletine and (RS)-fluoxetine using chiral derivatizing reagents synthesized with (S)-naproxen moiety.
Enantiomeric separation of racemic mexiletine and fluoxetine was achieved using three chiral derivatizing reagents (CDRs) based on (S)-naproxen. Diastereomers were synthesized by reaction ofExpand
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High-performance liquid chromatographic enantioseparation of (RS)-bupropion using isothiocyanate-based chiral derivatizing reagents.
A high-performance liquid chromatographic (HPLC) method for enantioseparation of bupropion was developed using two isothiocyanate-based chiral derivatizing reagents, (S)-1-(1-naphthyl) ethylExpand
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l-Amino Acids as Chiral Selectors for the Enantioseparation of (±)-Bupropion by Ligand Exchange Thin-Layer Chromatography Using Cu(II) Complex via Four Different Approaches
The present paper deals with direct enantioresolution of (±)-bupropion using thin-layer chromatography and different Cu(II)-l-amino acid complexes as chiral ligand exchange reagent (LER). Cu(II)Expand
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Enantioresolution of (RS)-baclofen by liquid chromatography: A review.
Baclofen is a commonly used racemic drug and has a simple chemical structure in terms of the presence of only one stereogenic center. Since the desirable pharmacological effect is in only oneExpand
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Direct Enantiomeric Resolution of (±)-Bupropion Using Chiral Liquid Chromatography
  • R. Bhushan, S. Batra
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  • JPC – Journal of Planar Chromatography – Modern…
  • 16 November 2013
Direct resolution of enantiomers of (±)-bupropion (BUP) was achieved by thin-layer chromatography on silica gel plates impregnated with optically pure l-Glu as chiral selector. The solvent systemExpand
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Methods and approaches for determination and enantioseparation of (RS)-propranolol.
Propranolol, a β-adrenergic receptor antagonist, is a chiral compound that is marketed as a racemate, but only the (S)-(-)-enantiomer is responsible for the β-adrenoceptor blocking activity.Expand
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Enantiomeric Resolution of (RS)-Naproxen and Application of (S)- Naproxen in the Direct and Indirect Enantioseparation of Racemic Compounds by Liquid Chromatography: A Review.
(S)-Naproxen (Npx), an α-aryl propionic acid derivative, belongs to the class of Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs and is easily available in pure (S)-form. (S)-Npx has been used as a chiralExpand
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