Sonia-Yuki Selmi

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Computer Assisted Medical Intervention (CAMI hereafter) is a complex multi-disciplinary field. CAMI research requires the collaboration of experts in several fields as diverse as medicine, computer science, mathematics, instrumentation, signal processing, mechanics, modeling, automatics, optics, etc. CamiTK is a modular framework that helps researchers and(More)
The recent availability of navigation systems for mapping and targeting of transrectal ultrasound (TRUS) guided prostate biopsies revealed new opportunities in training the clinician. This paper describes a simulator for TRUS guided prostate biopsy that offers similar information, enhanced by a complete learning environment. Various exercises have been(More)
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE A virtual-reality learning environment dedicated to prostate biopsies was designed to overcome the limitations of current classical teaching methods. The aim of this study was to validate reliability, face, content, and construct of the simulator. MATERIALS AND METHODS The simulator is composed of (a) a laptop computer, (b) a haptic(More)
The PROSBOT project aims to improve the clinical gesture of prostate biopsy sampling through a pedagogic simulator and a robotic assistance system. The objective of the simulator is to improve the learning curve of systematic and targeted prostate biopsy acquisition through realistic simulations of the gesture and a multitude of pedagogic modules. This(More)
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