Sonia Vázquez Pérez

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This paper describes the UMCC-DLSI system in SemEval-2010 task number 17 (All-words Word Sense Disambiguation on Specific Domain). The main purpose of this work is to evaluate and compare our computational resource of WordNet's mappings using 3 different methods: Relevant Semantic Tree, Relevant Semantic Tree 2 and an Adaptation of k-clique's Technique. Our(More)
The Semantic Information Extraction method on ontologies proposes to accomplish inference into ontologies created in RDF format, by means of a set of transformations and the identification of every term depending of its context. This method creates a graph of content as final model. Once the reading process was finished, the inference in the set of existing(More)
Resumen: Este artículo presenta una herramienta para integrar diferentes recursos basados en la estructura y relaciones internas de WordNet, utilizando técnicas de grafos. El objetivo es centralizar en una única herramienta el acceso y manejo de interrelaciones entre diferentes recursos tales como: WordNet Domains, Wordnet Affect y SUMO. Como resultado de(More)
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