Sonia Soubam

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Finding a parking spot in a busy indoor parking lot is a daunting task. Retracing a parked vehicle can be equally frustrating. We present BluePark, a collaborative sensing mechanism using smartphone sensors to solve these problems in real-time, without any input from user. We propose a novel technique of combining accelerometer and WiFi data to detect and(More)
With the growing number of cities and population, continuous monitoring of city's infrastructure and automated collection of day-to-day events (such as traffic jam) is essential and can help in improving life style of citizens. It is extremely costly and ineffective to install hardware sensors to sense these events in developing regions. Due to advent of(More)
The daily routine of a student has a direct impact on her performance. Understanding the routine of students in the campus can help students as well as universities. We propose a smartphone based sensing mechanism to understand the daily routine of students inside a campus. Unlike survey-based methods of understanding trends among students, we explore the(More)
There are smart apps to track our liquid intake and remind us to drink whenever we fall short of our target. However, these apps either require a specialized container or manual input from the user. They cannot account for spilled liquid or liquid consumed by other people. We propose an app, which allows user to use a container of his choice. It consists of(More)
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