Sonia Shishido

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A female Shetland sheep dog died suddenly with hemorrhagic diarrhea and vomitting, and was examined pathologically and microbiologically. Gross pathological change was restricted to the intestinal tract. The intestine contained watery, blood-stained fluid. Histopathologically, the principal intestinal lesion was superficial mucosal hemorrhagic necrosis at(More)
We investigated the effect of ethanol on skeletal muscle development using C2C12 cell culture. The ethanol concentrations of 10mM, 25mM, and 100mM, were tested because plasma samples of alcohol-dependent individuals fall within this range. We assessed two specific events in skeletal muscle development, the fusion of myoblasts to form myotubes and the(More)
STUDY OBJECTIVE The aims of this study were to (1) explore the incidence of right-sided heart dysfunction (RHD) and STOP-Bang questionnaire responses consistent with obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) and (2) assess the relationship between patients with STOP-Bang questionnaire responses consistent with OSA and echocardiographic findings suggestive of RHD. (More)
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