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Association rule mining is the most popular technique in the area of data mining. The main task of this technique is to find the frequent patterns by using minimum support thresholds decided by the user. The Apriori algorithm is a classical algorithm among association rule mining techniques. This algorithm is inefficient because it scans the database many(More)
Today multilevel association rule mining is an emerging field in data mining. Its main goal is to find hidden information in or between levels of abstraction. It is mainly used for decision making for large data. It focuses on the customer relationship management. Apriori algorithm is mainly used for the multilevel association rule mining. Producing large(More)
A large growth of web uses on the Internet causes latency perceived by the user. Prefetching is a good solution to this problem. Web page content provides the meaningful data to predict the coming requests in future. This paper presents a semantic prefetching technique which uses the content of the web page. The proposed technique works on the semantic(More)
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