Sonia Sanlaville

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The issue of building a Process Support System Environment (PSSE), or a family of PSEE, to make them interoperate or to use them to pilot applications or services requires new solutions; there is almost no hope for a single system to address correctly all the issues. This paper presents how we have addressed, realized and experimented a unified framework(More)
Orchestration is currently presented as a way to coordinate web services in order to define business processes. In this paper we revisit these concepts, showing the current limitation of workflow coordination of web services, and we show that business process is different from web service coordination. The paper present how we have extended the capabilities(More)
Processes can be used to integrate, coordinate and interact with many actors and software in many application domains; their range of needs and objectives is virtually unlimited. A system fitting all needs would be huge and complex, too hard to use and evolve, but on the other extreme, developing many specialized process environments for each need would(More)
Building software applications based on a number of existing and heterogeneous applications is becoming common. Nevertheless there is not any systematic approach to design and build such applications. In this paper we propose an architecture and tools for software applications that must manage collaboration between different and heterogeneous applications(More)
Titre de la thèse: Environnement de procédé extensible pour l'orchestration-Application aux services web Thèse préparée au sein de l'équipe Adèle du laboratoire LSR sous la direction de M. Jacky Estublier Thèse d'Informatique (inscription en deuxième, troisième et quatrième année) Thèse sous la direction de J.Estublier-soutenue le 13 décembre 2005
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