Sonia Rosenfeldt

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Pollen ontogeny contributes significantly to the evolutionary analysis and the understanding of the reproductive biology of seed plants. Although much research on basal angiosperms is being carried out there are still many important features about which little is known in these taxa, such as the sporophytic structures related to pollen development and(More)
Cabomba Aubl. is a genus that presents a range of features that have made it to be considered a potential genetic model for studies of early angiosperm evolution. Therefore, any study that expands our knowledge of this genus is potentially useful for the understanding of the evolution of early angiosperms. This paper reports the study of the anatomy and the(More)
The study of pollen and female gametophyte development of Oxalis debilis was carried out to elucidate the reasons for the absence of seed production in this species. The formation of an incomplete callosic wall separating the microspores of the tetrad was observed; therefore, cytoplasm connections were present between the microspores. Microspores of(More)
Autofluorescence is reported for the first time in Myxomycete fruiting bodies. Ultrastructure of stalked sporangia of Diachea leucopodia (Didymiaceae, Physarales) was studied using scanning and transmission electron microscopy, energy-dispersive X-ray microanalysis, and fluorescence microscopy. External and internal properties of the peridium that surround(More)
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