Sonia Romero

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We tested the hypothesis that in vitro nicotine exposure disrupts specific epithelial-mesenchymal paracrine signaling pathways and results in pulmonary interstitial lipofibroblast (LIF)-to-myofibroblast (MYF) transdifferentiation, resulting in altered pulmonary development and function. Studies were done to determine whether nicotine induces LIF-to-MYF(More)
The lipid-containing alveolar interstitial fibroblast (lipofibroblast) is known to be critically involved in rodent lung development, homeostasis, and injury/repair. However, there is lack of information on their presence and function in the human lung. Based on a number of morphological (lipid staining), molecular (presence of characteristic lipogenic and(More)
With the aim of assessing the potential value of gut content in the rotifer Brachionus plicatilis during the standard procedures of enrichment and posterior residence in the larval tanks, we have examined by image analysis the changes in gut volume during the filling and subsequent evacuation process when feed is no more available. The gut filling pattern(More)
Male (n=66) water buffalo (Buffalo) and Brahman-influenced cattle (Brahman) were born, raised, weaned, fattened on grazing savannah and harvested at two different ages (19 and 24months) to compare lipid composition of the longissimus thoracis muscle. Half of the animals were castrated at seven months of age (MOA) to examine the castration effects. At 24 MOA(More)
BACKGROUND A deeper knowledge on the effects of the degradation of magnetic nanoparticles on their magnetic properties is required to develop tools for the identification and quantification of magnetic nanoparticles in biological media by magnetic means. METHODS Citric acid and phosphonoacetic acid-coated magnetic nanoparticles have been degraded in a(More)
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