Sonia N Apostolova

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The partial efficacy and high toxicity of the current anticancer chemotherapeutics as well as the development of multiple drug resistance are the major problems in cancer therapy. Therefore, there is an emergency need for the development of novel well-tolerated anticancer agents with different mode of action that could be successfully used in combination(More)
This is the first study on the surface modification of a hemocyanin from marine snail Rapana thomasiana (RtH) with series of imidazolium-based amino acid ionic liquids [emim][AA]. We monitored the induced by [emim][AA] conformational changes in RtH molecule and evaluated the effect of these ionic liquids (ILs) on the protein thermal stability. The(More)
The experience of the ward for preterm children of the First Municipal Hospital in the city of Sofia, which is a ward for intensive cares--II stage for rearing preterm children, undergone intensive therapy, is described. The material includes 900 children and is presented in respect to weight at birth and reference to season. The results are very good,(More)
Angiogenesis is one of the key processes during development, wound healing and tumor formation. Prerequisite for its existence is the presence of endogenous electrical fields (EFs) generated by active ion transport across polarized epithelia and endothelia, and appearance of the transcellular potentials. During angiogenesis cellular factor as endothelial(More)
43 children, born with a weight of 690 to 1000 g, were observed for a period of 20 to 67 days during the first trimester after delivery. The children were divided into two groups in accordance with the feeding. 27 children of the first group received Humana 0; 26 children of the second group were fed with Bebe 0, sweetened with 5% of sugar for increased(More)