Sonia Musumeci

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We have studied the prevalence of the fra (X) and of the autosomal fragile sites fra (10) (q25) and fra (16) (q22) in patients from an institute for the mentally retarded in Italy. We found six cases (1.9%) of fra (10) (q25) and 9 (2.9%) of fra (16) (q22). The study of the fra (X) was restricted to a subgroup of 91 males who did not have other chromosome(More)
The 1,2-fucosyl-oligosaccharides, and among these the 2'-fucosyl-lactose (2'-FL) and lacto-N-fucopentaose (LNFP)-I, are quantitatively the most represented oligosaccharides of human milk. They are also seen to represent an important immune device to prevent nursing infants from severe infectious diarrhoea. Recent evidences show that the appearance of 2'-FL(More)
The basophil activation test (BAT) has proven to be a useful tool for the diagnosis of IgE-mediated food allergy and the evaluation of clinical tolerance in food allergic patients. Until now, successful oral desensitiza-tion to food allergen has been correlated with changes in cytokine production (IL-4 and INF-g) and allergen-specific IgE and IgG4(More)
Natural rubber latex allergy (NRL-A) is an international problem of public health. About 50-60% of NRL-A patients may present adverse reactions after ingestion cross-reacting vegetable foods. This condition is called " Latex-fruit Syndrome " and is matter of research. The aim of our study is distinguishing between clinical/sub-clinical latex-fruit syndrome(More)
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