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Recently, a number of methods and techniques for assessing the quality of software product lines have been proposed. However, to the best of our knowledge, there is no study which summarizes all the existing evidence about them. This paper presents a systematic review that investigates what methods and techniques have been employed (in the last 10 years) to(More)
It is widely accepted that software measures provide an appropriate mechanism for understanding, monitoring, controlling, and predicting the quality of software development projects. In software product lines (SPL), quality is even more important than in a single software product since, owing to systematic reuse, a fault or an inadequate design decision(More)
Tradicionalmente los usuarios han demandado cierto nivel de personalización en los sistemas software para adaptarlos a sus gustos. Con el tiempo se ha incrementado el nivel de integración de estos sistemas en la vida cotidiana de los usuarios, a la vez que han crecido las exigencias de personalización. Hoy en día, con sistemas que envuelven completamente a(More)
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