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Reaction time inhibition from subliminal cues: Is it related to inhibition of return?
Task-irrelevant visual cues with near zero visibility proved apt to retard reaction time for the detection of supraliminal visual targets presented at the cued location. The time course of the effectExpand
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Resonating with the ghost of a hand: A TMS experiment
An impressive body of literature in the past 20 years has revealed a possible role played by cortical motor areas in action perception. One question that has been of interest is whether these areasExpand
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Inhibition of return at foveal and extrafoveal locations: re-assessing the evidence.
Inhibition of return (IOR) has been described as a hallmark of externally controlled orienting of attention using extrafoveal cues and targets. This paper describes an IOR like inhibition of reactionExpand
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Equal kinematics and visual context but different purposes: Observer's moral rules modulate motor resonance
Motor resonance is considered to be an index of the automatic under threshold motor replica of the observed action. Similar actions may be quite different in terms of long-term goals (e.g., grasp toExpand
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Efficacy of theatre activities in facial expression categorization in schizophrenia
Abstract The aim of the study was to assess the efficacy of theatre activities in improving facial expression categorization in people who have schizophrenia by means of a controlled psychophysicalExpand
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