Sonia Mansour

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The soft-tissue profile response to maxillary surgery (impaction and advancement) at the Le Fort I level was evaluated. Data were derived from quality-controlled preoperative and postoperative cephalograms of nongrowing patients with their lips in repose. A standardized tracing technique was used, and this was followed by landmark identification and(More)
To improve the standardisation and reproductibility of echocardiographic left ventricular mass (LVM) measurements we developed a specific software for automated measurements of LV diameter (EDD) and wall thickness (ST&PWT) from M mode recordings on SVHS videotapes using a dedicated computer system lô 3.3 (lôDP, Paris, France). Images are digitalised into(More)
BACKGROUND The interactions between ultrasound and cardiac muscle can be exploited to characterize abnormalities of myocardial structure in echocardiography. Two different methods permit an objective assessment of myocardial tissue characterization: analysis of the radiofrequency signal and videodensitometry. We conducted a videodensitometric study using a(More)
A new automated computerized system (IôTEC) that assesses concomitantly the instantaneous temporal arterial diameter and intimal media thickness (IMT) obtained from B-mode ultrasound (US) images was validated by sonomicrometry in sheep, by an echo-tracking system in humans, and by a Lucite phantom in vitro. Differences between methods for diameter(More)
OBJECTIVE To measure the deviations of four different cone beam computed tomography (CBCT) devices in three dimensions by means of a three-dimensional (3D) implant-planning program. MATERIALS AND METHODS A master radiographic template with two vertical, two transverse, and two sagittal radiopaque markers was fabricated for a human dry skull. The lengths(More)
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