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In this paper, we present the application of the neural network for the identification of Reusable Software modules in Procedure Oriented Software System. Metrics are used for the structural analysis of the different procedures. The proposed metrics for Procedure oriented paradigm are Cyclometric Complexity Using Mc Cabe's Measure, Halstead Software Science(More)
A total of 13 strains of oilseed Brassica genotypes were evaluated for their reaction to white rust pathogen Albugo candida Pers. Kuntze during crop seasons 2007–08, 2008–09 and 2009–10 at five agroclimatically diverse locations in India. Aided epiphytotic conditions were provided to ensure heavy disease pressure at all the locations. The disease reaction(More)
We present very first measurements of Mueller matrices of samples through an optical fiber, opening the way to endoscopic applications for early detection of diseases. The technique is based on measurements of both the single fiber and the assembly fiber+sample Mueller matrices. The 2m optical guide is made of two identical pieces of PM fiber spliced with(More)
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