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Verticillium dahliae, the causative agent of Verticillium wilt, results in significant cotton (Gossypium hirsutum) crop losses worldwide. Identification of host genes involved in mounting an effective defence response may suggest targets for alternative control methods for this devastating fungus. In this study, the identification, cloning and(More)
Only a few Armadillo (ARM) repeat proteins have been characterized in plants where they appear to have diverse functions, including the regulation of defence responses. In this study, the identification, cloning and characterization of a gene, encoding an ARM repeat protein (GhARM), is described. GhARM exists as multiple copies in cotton, with an 1713 bp(More)
The identification and molecular characterisation of two lipin-like gene copies (GhLIPN) in cotton, Gossypium hirsutum, an allotetraploid derived from two progenitor diploid Gossypium species, is described. Sequence analyses of the GhLIPN copies, designated GhLIPN-1 and -2, revealed that they contain 11 exons, separated by ten introns. They each have a(More)
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