Sonia M.A. Silva

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BACKGROUND Teriparatide is a recombinant human parathormone (PTH 1-34) currently approved for the treatment of osteoporosis with high risk of fracture. In this study, we analyze the efficacy and safety profile of teriparatide therapy in severe and prolonged hypocalcemia after kidney transplantation in patients previously submitted to parathyroidectomy. (More)
INTRODUCTION Due to the inadequate response to inhaled corticoids, patients with difficult-to-control asthma (DCA) are submitted to oral corticoids or use of Omalizumab. Although it is necessary to treat these patients, a significant relationship between steroid usage and both peripheral and respiratory weakness muscle, results in implications such as loss(More)
AIMS The Royal College of Pathologists recommend that a median of at least 12 lymph nodes should be harvested during pathological staging of colorectal cancer. It is not always easy to harvest the required number, especially in patients with rectal cancer receiving neoadjuvant therapy. Lymph node revealing solutions, for example, GEWF, may improve nodal(More)
Objective: The association of cervical dystonia (CD) with other movement disorders have been already described, but data on clinical outcome regarding these patients are scant. The aim of this paper was to investigate whether patients with CD and head tremor (HT) would have a different outcome regarding to botulinum toxin type-A (BTX-A) treatment response(More)
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