Sonia J. Sodhi

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Dentigerous cysts are the most common developmental cysts of the jaws, most frequently associated with impacted mandibular third molar teeth. Dentigerous cysts around supernumerary teeth, however, account for 5% of all dentigerous cysts, with most developing around a mesiodens in the anterior maxilla. This report describes two cases of a dentigerous cyst(More)
Peripheral ossifying fibroma (POF) is a reactive lesion of the gingival tissues that predominantly affects women and is usually located in the maxilla anterior to the molars. It originates from the cells of the periodontal ligament. The definitive diagnosis is established by histological examination, which reveals the presence of cellular connective tissue(More)
Achondroplasia is considered as a form of skeletal dysplasia/dwarfism that manifests with stunted stature and disproportionate limb shortening. Achondroplasia is of special interest in the field of dentistry because of its characteristic craniofacial features. It has been considered as the most common short-limbed dwarfism syndrome. Very few authors have(More)
Lichen planus is a chronic autoimmune, mucocutaneous disease. It can affect the oral mucosa, skin, genital mucosa, scalp and nails. It is a most commonly encountered chronic mucosal condition in clinical dental practice. Treatment of lichen planus is complicated due to periods of exacerbation and remission. Mainly treatment is aimed at alleviating symptoms(More)
CONTEXT Temporomandibular joint disorders (TMDs) have been recognized as one of the most common causes of nondental orofacial pain. Various studies have been reported in literature regarding the relationship between prevalence of signs and symptoms of TMDs and gender, suggestive of female predilection; however, none of the studies have yet been reported to(More)
OBJECTIVE The objective of this case-control study was to evaluate the plasma tumor necrosis factor α (TNF-α) levels in patients with oral submucous fibrosis and to determine the relation of plasma TNF-α levels with the severity of oral submucous fibrosis. STUDY DESIGN Blood samples were collected from 25 patients who were diagnosed with oral submucous(More)
Tongue thrusting and thumb sucking are the most commonly seen oral habits which act as the major etiological factors in the development of dental malocclusion. This case report describes a fixed habit correcting appliance, Hybrid Habit Correcting Appliance (HHCA), designed to eliminate these habits. This hybrid appliance is effective in less compliant(More)
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