Sonia Giovinazzi

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SUMMARY A seismic risk analysis addressed to earthquake emergency management and protection strategies planning, requires territorial scale evaluation; to this aim a macroseismic method for the vulnerability assessment of built-up area is presented. The method is derived, in a conceptually rigorous way, by the use of Probability and of Fuzzy Set Theory,(More)
The UC Research Repository holds theses, open access versions of articles, and other research outputs. This report outlines the highlights from the repository this quarter for your college Please contact Anton Angelo if you would like more information about the UC Research Repository. The most popular new items in the UC Research Repository for the College(More)
SUMMARY A hierarchical family of Damage Probability Matrices (DPM) has been derived in this paper from the ones implicitly contained in the EMS-98 Macroseismic Scale for 6 vulnerability classes. To this aim the linguistic definitions provided by the scale, and the associated fuzzy subsets of the percentage of buildings, have been completed according to(More)
The fragility of buried electrical cables is often neglected in earthquakes but significant damage to cables was observed during the 2010–2011 Canterbury earthquake sequence in New Zealand. This study estimates Poisson repair rates, similar to those in existence for pipelines, using damage data retrieved from part of the electric power distribution network(More)
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