Sonia Ferreira Gonçalves

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Glutathione is the major non-protein thiol to which many different roles in the central nervous system (CNS) are attributed. To further investigate the glutathione response in the CNS, we tested the effect of three stress models on glutathione levels in the brain. We tested the effect of two models of repeated intraspecific agonistic interaction in mice. No(More)
The involvement of the prefrontal cortex in pain processing has been recently addressed. We studied the role of the infralimbic cortex (IL) and group I metabotropic glutamate receptors (mGluRs) in descending modulation of nociception in control and monoarthritic (ARTH) conditions. Nociception was assessed using heat-induced paw withdrawal while drugs were(More)
The present study aims to evaluate the occurrence of life events preceding the onset of eating problems in bulimia nervosa patients. A case-control design was used involving the comparison of 60 female subjects who meet DSM-IV criteria for bulimia nervosa with 60 healthy control subjects and 60 subjects with other psychiatric disorders. The RFI (Fairburn et(More)
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