Sonia Estévez Martín

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In March 1984, a program for an academic nursing home was established at the Sepulveda Veterans Administration Medical Center. The program was designed to improve care of nursing home patients, provide interdisciplinary training for medical house staff and allied health students, and stimulate research. Geriatric faculty physicians were appointed, medical(More)
This paper proposes the integration of <i>finite domain (FD)</i> constraints into a general purpose lazy <i>functional logic programming</i> language by means of a concrete instance of the generic scheme <i>CFLP</i>(<i>D</i>), proposed in [19] for lazy <i>Constraint Functional Logic Programming</i> over a parametrically given constraint domain <i>D</i>. We(More)
The CFLP scheme for Constraint Functional Logic Programming has instances CFLP (D) corresponding to different constraint domains D. In this paper, we propose an amalgamated sum construction for building coordination domains C, suitable to represent the cooperation among several constraint domains D1, . . . ,Dn via a mediatorial domain M. Moreover, we(More)
This paper presents a computational model for the cooperation of constraint domains and an implementation for a particular case of practical importance. The computational model supports declarative programming with lazy and possibly higher-order functions, predicates, and the cooperation of different constraint domains equipped with their respective(More)
Nursing homes are an important component of the health care system for elderly people, and their importance will grow over the next several decades. Although the care provided in nursing homes is improving, it is far from optimal in many facilities. Improving the process of assessment in the nursing home is critical to improving nursing home care. This(More)
This paper presents a computational model for the cooperation of constraint domains, based on a generic <i>Constraint Functional Logic Programming (CFLP)</i> Scheme and designed to support declarative programming with functions, predicates and the cooperation of different constraint domains equipped with their respective solvers. We have developed an(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate awareness and use of the Sign Language Interpreting (SLI) service among doctors in Dundee and to look at reasons for use and non-use of this service. DESIGN A Questionnaire study. SETTING Dundee. SUBJECTS All General Practitioners and Hospital Consultants working in Dundee. RESULTS Sixty seven percent of General(More)
The nursing home has become a focus for education as well as patient care. A format was devised for nursing home rounds that provides for discussion among staff members and specialists and is aimed at teaching and the resolution of specific patient-care and administrative issues. This format is outlined, and records from these twice-weekly rounds are(More)
This paper presents a proposal for the cooperation of solvers in constraint functional logic programming, a quite expressive programming paradigm which combines functional, logic and constraint programming using constraint lazy narrowing as goal solving mechanism. Cooperation of solvers for different constraint domains can improve the efficiency of(More)