Sonia Bradai

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Scavenging energy from vibration is important for several fields of science and technology. A big challenge thereby is to realize miniaturized solutions able to deliver sufficient energy for supply a wireless sensor node. A magnetoelectric (ME) vibration energy harvester based on a twin laminate composite of magnetostrictive and piezoelectric materials was(More)
Magnetostrictive transducers are used in a broad variety of applications that include fast response valve actuator, linear pumps, rotary motors, acoustic underwater devices and energy harvesting devices. Optimization of their performance is based on accurate modeling of the static and dynamic behavior of magnetostriction. This paper describes the modelling(More)
Vibration presents an important source of energy for different applications. Instead of that, most of such real sources are characterized by their low amplitude vibration and frequencies. Taking into account these parameters, optimization of an electromagnetic converter design in order to reach maximum generated power is proposed. In this paper, a novel(More)
Vibration is a suitable source for powering wireless sensors because of its energy level. A high energy output can be only reached by an appropriate harvester design taking the parameters of the available vibration into account. Very often ambient vibration sources have relative low frequencies and amplitudes. In this paper, a novel cylindrical(More)
Magnetoelectric (ME) transducers have recently been used in vibration energy harvesting. The magneto-mechanical coupling between the magnetic circuit and the magnetostrictive layers can highly affect the output power of the converter. In this paper, a new vibration energy harvester has been designed and fabricated, which consists of a magnetic spring, two(More)
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