Sonia Berger

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The classical Eckmann-Hilton argument shows that two monoid structures on a set, such that one is a homomorphism for the other, coincide and, moreover, the resulting monoid is commutative. This argument immediately gives a proof of the commutativity of the higher homotopy groups. A reformulation of this argument in the language of higher categories is:(More)
A family of 1-aryl-N2-alkyl-ethanediamines 1 isosteric with the N-alkyl-arylethanolamines are described. Although the prepared compounds were generally less potent than the N-alkyl-arylethanolamines, the 1-aryl-N'-(phenylmethyl)-N-alkyl-1,2-ethanediamines derivatives 6, are more active than the debenzylated free amino analogs 1, which may be indicative of(More)
This is errata to the paper [1] S. Berger, E. Coquery, W. Drabent, and A. Wilk. “Descriptive typing rules for Xcerpt.” In International Workshop, PPSWR 2005, Dagstuhl Castle, Germany, September 2005, Proceedings, number 3703 in LNCS, pages 85–100. Springer Verlag, 2005. 8rejjqbwxbkydlwr and to its extended version(More)
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CLINICALCHEMISTRY, Vol. 39, No. 7, 1993 1439 4. Hunter WM, Bennie JG, Kellet HA, Micidem LR, Scott A, James K. A monoclonal antibody-based iminunoradiometric assay for hLH. Ann Cliii Biochem 1984;21:275-83. 5. Schwarz S, Berger P, Wick G. Epitope-selective monoclonal antibody-based immunoradiometric assays of predictable specificity for differential(More)
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