Sonia Ah-Kye

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Kinetochore proteins are required for high fidelity chromosome segregation and as a platform for checkpoint signaling. Ame1 is an essential component of the COMA (Ctf19, Okp1, Mcm21, Ame1) sub-complex of the central kinetochore of budding yeast. In this study, we describe the isolation and characterization of an Ame1 conditional mutant, ame1-4. ame1-4 cells(More)
BACKGROUND The epidural space is most commonly identified with loss of resistance (LOR). Although sensitive, LOR lacks specificity, as cysts in interspinous ligaments, gaps in ligamentum flavum, paravertebral muscles, thoracic paravertebral spaces, and intermuscular planes can yield nonepidural LOR. Epidural waveform analysis (EWA) provides a simple(More)
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES This multicenter, randomized trial compared intravenous (IV) and perineural (PN) dexamethasone for ultrasound (US)-guided infraclavicular brachial plexus block. Our research hypothesis was both modalities would result in similar durations of motor block. METHODS One hundred fifty patients undergoing upper limb surgery with(More)
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES Epidural waveform analysis (EWA) provides a simple confirmatory adjunct for loss of resistance (LOR): when the needle tip is correctly positioned inside the epidural space, pressure measurement results in a pulsatile waveform. In this randomized trial, we compared conventional and EWA-confirmed LOR in 2 teaching centers. Our(More)
PURPOSE This randomized trial aimed to validate a new method for brachial plexus blockade, i.e., targeted intracluster injection supraclavicular block (TII SCB), by comparing it with ultrasound-guided axillary block (AXB). We hypothesized that TII SCB would result in a shorter total anesthesia-related time. METHODS Forty patients undergoing upper limb(More)
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