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Although the ciliate Tetrahymena is a good model for the study of chemotaxis, its profound motility makes it difficult to monitor intracellular calcium (Ca(2+)) changes induced by chemotactic stimuli. In this study, we report a microfluidic-based chemotaxis system generating directional chemotactic gradients under highly viscous conditions, suppressing T.(More)
Microfluidics is a convenient platform to study the influences of fluid shear stress on calcium dynamics. Fluidic shear stress has been proven to affect bone cell functions and remodelling. We have developed a microfluidic system which can generate four shear flows in one device as a means to study cytosolic calcium concentration ([Ca(2+)](c)) dynamics of(More)
We describe a genetic AND gate for cell-targeted metabolic labeling and proteomic analysis in complex cellular systems. The centerpiece of the AND gate is a bisected methionyl-tRNA synthetase (MetRS) that charges the Met surrogate azidonorleucine (Anl) to tRNA(Met). Cellular protein labeling occurs only upon activation of two different promoters that drive(More)
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