Songzhu Mei

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It is secure for customers to store and share their sensitive data in the cryptographic cloud storage. However, the revocation operation is a sure performance killer in the cryptographic access control system. To optimize the revocation procedure, we present a new efficient revocation scheme which is efficient, secure, and unassisted. In this scheme, the(More)
Continuous Data Protection (CDP) technology is a good schema for ensuring the continuity and survival capability of the service applications. However, the existing continuous data protection technology is difficult to meet the requirements, which means more fine-grained, closely associated with the upper applications and efficient failure recovery(More)
Current social networks are widespread used all over the world. And many users pay more and more attentions on how to protect their privacy in social networks. Traditional social networks based on client/server architecture cannot protect users' private information because the operator is untrusted. We propose a P2P architecture for social networking,(More)