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A new multi-objective differential evolution algorithm is proposed. A dual elitist selection strategy based on Individual Pareto Rank and Individual Density is employed in the proposed new algorithm. It also remains the characteristic of keeping elitists. The corresponding effects comparisons of new algorithm with other classic multi-objective evolutionary(More)
As smoking rates decrease, proportionally more cases with lung adenocarcinoma occur in never-smokers, while aberrant DNA methylation has been suggested to contribute to the tumorigenesis of lung adenocarcinoma. It is extremely difficult to distinguish which genes play key roles in tumorigenic processes via DNA methylation-mediated gene silencing from a(More)
One of the most important problems in complex networks is how to detect metadata groups accurately. The main challenge lies in the fact that traditional structural communities do not always capture the intrinsic features of metadata groups. Motivated by the observation that metadata groups in PPI networks tend to consist of an abundance of interacting triad(More)
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