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OBJECTIVES To determine the prevalence and clinical features associated with micrographia in Parkinson's Disease (PD). SETTING This study was conducted at a Movement Disorders clinic located in a Veteran Administration Hospital. PARTICIPANTS PD subjects were included only if they satisfied UK Parkinson's Disease Society criteria for diagnosis. Subjects(More)
To estimate a classifier’s error in predicting future observations, bootstrap methods have been proposed as reduced-variation alternatives to traditional cross-validation (CV) methods based on sampling without replacement. Monte Carlo (MC) simulation studies aimed at estimating the true misclassification error conditional on the training set are commonly(More)
Coat-color proportions and patterns in mice are used as assays for many processes such as transgene expression, chimerism, and epigenetics. In many studies, coat-color readouts are estimated from subjective scoring of individual mice. Here we show a method by which mouse coat color is quantified as the proportion of coat shown in one or more digital images.(More)
INTRODUCTION The purpose of this study was to determine the frequency of appropriate placental examinations in a university hospital. METHODS A retrospective review of all deliveries and all placentas submitted for pathologic examination from live births. Placentas were reviewed by a perinatal pathologist to determine whether they met the College of(More)
OBJECTIVE Providers share many stigmatizing attitudes with the general public regarding persons with mental illness. These attitudes may contribute to suboptimal general medical care for patients with schizophrenia. This study tested the hypothesis that provider contact (personal and professional) with persons with mental illness would be associated with(More)
OBJECTIVE This study examined substance abuse and mental health service utilization during a three-year period among stimulant users living in rural areas. METHODS Participants (N=710) were interviewed at baseline and every six months for 36 months. One-step transition probabilities were constructed between the two types of service use for each(More)
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