Songshan Tang

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Sphingolipids play a very important role in cell membrane formation, signal transduction, and plasma lipoprotein metabolism, all of which may well have an impact on the development of atherosclerosis. To investigate the relationship between sphingolipid metabolism and atherosclerosis, we utilized myriocin to inhibit mouse serine palmitoyl-CoA transferase(More)
P-glycoprotein (P-gp) is a major factor in multidrug resistance (MDR) which is a serious obstacle in chemotherapy. P-gp has also been implicated in causing apoptosis of tumor cells, which was shown to be another important mechanism of MDR recently. To study the influence of P-gp in tumor cell apoptosis, K562/A cells (P-gp+) and K562/S cells (P-gp-) were(More)
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