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Comparison of penaeid shrimp and insect parvoviruses suggests that viral transfers may occur between two distantly related arthropod groups.
The DNA and putative amino acid sequences of representative insect and shrimp parvoviruses (subfamily Densovirinae) were analyzed using computer programs and no significant DNA homology was found except for 77% DNA identity between HPVmon and HPVchin. Expand
Challenging successive mosquito generations with a densonucleosis virus yields progressive survival improvement but persistent, innocuous infections.
It is possible that the presence of prior AThDNV infections with a high level of DIP contributed to improved survival in the challenged F4 mosquito population, and suggests that persistent viral infections in arthropods may serve in a specific, adaptive manner to reduce the incidence and severity of disease. Expand
Synergistic effects between the additions of a disulphide bridge and an N-terminal hydrophobic sidechain on the binding pocket tilting and enhanced Xyn11A activity.
A proposed mechanism could serve as a scheme for protein engineering to enhance enzymatic activity of GH11 enzymes at low temperatures through atomistic molecular dynamics simulations of enzyme-substrate complexes. Expand
Induction of apoptosis in densovirus infected Aedes aegypti mosquitoes.
The caspase 3-like activity assay showed that the presence of TUNEL positive cells was associated with increased levels of activated casp enzyme 3- like activity in AThDNV infected mosquitoes. Expand