Songqiao Chen

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LWK WKH UDSLG DGYDQFHV LQ PRELOH FRPSXWLQJ WHFKQRORJ\ WKHUH LV DQ LQFUHDVLQJ GHPDQG IRU processing real-time transactions in a mobile environment. This paper studies concurrency control problem in mobile distributed real-time database systems (MDRTDBS). Based on the High Priority Two Phase Locking (HP2PL) scheme, we propose a distributed real-time locking(More)
In this paper, we propose a novel active queue management algorithm PFED, which is based on network traffic prediction. The main properties of PFED are: (1) stabilizing queue length at a desirable level with consideration of future traffic, and using a MMSE (minimum mean square error) predictor to predict future network traffic; (2) imposing effective(More)
Due to the features of service scattered in service-oriented computing (SoC) environment, such as uncertain, dynamics, and the complexity and levity of business process, it has become more and more difficult to meet the user's requirement to compose automatically services at runtime. This paper proposed a new architecture of service composition based on(More)
Accompany with the understanding for geometry structure of manifold, more and more people used the Grassmannian manifold to face recognition via image sets. In order to improve the accuracy of recognition, several studies applied the discriminant analysis on such manifolds. However, most of these methods suffer from not considering the local structure of(More)
Multiprocessor job scheduling problem has become increasingly interesting, for both theoretical study and practical applications. Theoretical study of the problem has made significant progress recently, which, however, seems not to imply practical algorithms for the problem, yet. Practical algorithms have been developed only for systems with three(More)
Anycast is a new ldquoone-to-one-of-manyrdquo communication method in IPv6 networks. QoS anycast routing problem is a nonlinear combination optimization problem, which is proved to be a NP complete problem. Based on improved particle swarm optimization algorithm, an anycast routing algorithm with multiple QoS constraints is proposed. This algorithm uses a(More)