Songniu Mu

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Neuropathic pain is the most difficult type of pain to treat. The P2X(3) receptors play a crucial role in facilitating pain transmission at peripheral and spinal sites. The present research investigated the effects of tetramethylpyrazine (TMP) on the primary afferent transmission induced by P2X(3) receptor in neuropathic pain states. Chronic constriction(More)
Two age groups of Long-Evans rats (young: 3.5-7 months of age and old: over 23 months of age) were ovariectomized and implanted subcutaneously with a 1:2 estradiol benzoate (E2)-cholestrol mixture-filled Silastic capsule. Olfactory preference of male partners to these female rats over ovariectomized young rats without E2 replacement was examined. Olfactory(More)
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