Songnan Yang

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* Corresponding author: Abstract — In this paper, a novel ultra-wideband GCPW to SIW transition is developed. The transition integrates the coupling slot and impedance transformer into one tapered coupling slot to achieve an ultra wide bandwidth. The tapered coupling slot converts the arbitrary impedance of the SIW to the GCPW port(More)
Magneto-dielectric materials have been spotlighted as a new opportunity for effective antenna size reduction in many recent studies. In this paper, we start from first principles to describe the methodology used to synthesize the magnetodielectric material. A combination of Bruggeman’s effective medium model and Sihvola and Lindell model are used to find(More)
High-content screening is commonly used in studies of the DNA damage response. The double-strand break (DSB) is one of the most harmful types of DNA damage lesions. The conventional method used to quantify DSBs is γH2AX foci counting, which requires manual adjustment and preset parameters and is usually regarded as imprecise, time-consuming, poorly(More)
A long-stencil fourth order finite difference method over a Yee-grid is developed to solve Maxwell’s equations. The different variables are located at staggered mesh points, and a symmetric image formula is introduced near the boundary. The introduction of these symmetric ghost grid points assures the stability of the boundary extrapolation, and in turn a(More)
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