Songling Huang

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Drosophila vision is mediated by inputs from three types of photoreceptor neurons; R1-R6 mediate achromatic motion detection, while R7 and R8 constitute two chromatic channels. Neural circuits for processing chromatic information are not known. Here, we identified the first-order interneurons downstream of the chromatic channels. Serial EM revealed that(More)
The shape of a neuron, its morphological signature, dictates the neuron's function by establishing its synaptic partnerships. Here, we review various anatomical methods used to reveal neuron shape and the contributions these have made to our current understanding of neural function in the Drosophila brain, especially the optic lobe. These methods, including(More)
Lamb wave's interactions with transverse internal defects in an elastic plate are investigated in this paper to help practical inspection work with guided wave. A 2D frequency domain hybrid boundary element method approach previously mainly used to study Lamb wave's interactions with external defects in elastic plates is adopted in this work and extended to(More)
This paper proposes a new omni-directional electromagnetic acoustic transducer (EMAT) for the ultrasonic Lamb wave (ULW) tomography imaging (TI) of defects in metallic plates. The proposed EMAT is composed of a permanent magnet and a coil with a contra-flexure structure. This new EMAT coil structure is used for omni-directional ULW transmission and(More)
Hypoxia triggers pulmonary vasoconstriction, however induces relaxation of systemic arteries such as femoral arteries. Mitochondria are functionally and structurally heterogeneous between different cell types. The aim of this study was to reveal whether mitochondrial heterogeneity controls the distinct responses of pulmonary versus systemic artery smooth(More)
This paper proposes a new cross-hole tomography imaging (CTI) method for variable-depth defects in metal plates based on multi-mode electromagnetic ultrasonic Lamb waves (LWs). The dispersion characteristics determine that different modes of LWs are sensitive to different thicknesses of metal plates. In this work, the sensitivities to thickness variation of(More)
In this paper the eddy current testing (ECT) sensor composed of double gradient winding coils is researched to detect crack in conductive materials. The gradient winding coil has a high resolution of crack position which can reduce probability of crack undetected and advance test efficiency compared with the round coil. The novel differential configuration(More)
In this paper, a new strategy to inspect the slope of steady arm based on computer vision is presented, in light of the present monitoring ways are not more acceptable for their slowness, imprecision, laborious and potentially hazardous. First, the hardware structure of the image acquisition module of the inspection system is introduced; then, the formulas(More)