Songhyok Ri

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A terminal sliding mode controller with nonlinear disturbance observer is investigated to control mobile wheeled inverted pendulum system. In order to eliminate the main drawback of the sliding mode control, “chattering” phenomenon, and for compensation of the model uncertainties and external disturbance, we designed a nonlinear disturbance observer of the(More)
In this paper, a novel interval type-2 fuzzy logic controller (IT2FLC) is proposed for controlling a mobile wheeled inverted pendulum(MWIP) with model uncertainties and external disturbances. The MWIP is a typical underactuated system which is generally composed of two subsystems, an invert pendulum and a mobile robot system. The IT2FLC proposed in this(More)
In this paper, a novel disturbance observer (DO) for the Mobile Wheeled Inverted Pendulum (MWIP) system is proposed. A choice method of optimal gain matrices is also proposed for a given robust gain, which can improve the estimation precision of the DO. Combining the proposed DO and Sliding Mode Control (SMC), a new sliding mode velocity control method is(More)
Abstract: In this study, a dynamic surface controller based on a nonlinear disturbance observer is investigated to control mobile wheeled inverted pendulum system. By using a coordinate transformation, the underactuated system is presented as a semi-strict feedback form which is convenient for controller design. A dynamic surface controller together with a(More)
In social network, trust relationship between two users depends on the trustors opinion about the trustee, and the opinion contains uncertainty, but previous researches did not pay much attention to the uncertainty. Subjective logic is suitable for modeling and analyzing situations involving uncertainty and incomplete knowledge. This paper proposes a method(More)
In this paper, an adaptive fuzzy sliding mode control approach which combines fuzzy control with the sliding mode control, is applied for the tracking control of pneumatic muscle actuator (PMA). This actuator is widely used in the rehabilitation robots while hard to control due to its strong nonlinearity. The switching-type control term in the sliding mode(More)
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