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Today, the competition between hospitals is very cruel. So the hospital must retain as many patients as possible by increasing satisfaction of the patients. In order to find the key factors of influencing patient satisfaction, this study first designed 27 criteria of the hospital service and constructed the questionnaire based on SERVQUAL model for the(More)
With the rapid development of witkey websites, the amount of witkeys and tasks on the witkey sites as well as has risen sharply, how to accomplish witkeys and tasks rapid matching becomes a critical issue faced by most witkey websites. To resolve this problem, this paper analyzes the online tasks and the witkey behaviors on the websites in detail and(More)
—In this brief, the global exponential stability of fuzzy cellular neural networks(FCNNs) with variable coefficients and unbounded delays was investigated. Without assuming the boundedness and differentiability of the activation functions, based on the properties of M-matrix, by constructing vector Lyapunov functions and applying differential inequalities,(More)
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