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Pervasive games have become a popular field of investigation in recent years, in which natural human computer interaction (HCI) plays a key role. In this paper, a vision-based approach for human hand motion gesture recognition is proposed for natural HCI in pervasive games. A LED light pen is used to indicate the user's hand position, while a web-camera is(More)
In this paper the salt tolerance in Brassicas and some related species was compared. When seedlings germinated on sand cultures with liquid MS medium were considered, the relative germination rate, root length, shoot length and fresh seedling weight were significantly correlated with each other (P < 0.01), and only the relative shoot lengths were(More)
Diicult computations can be made more eeective and eecient if users can easily contribute to the problems these computations address. This article's purpose is an introduction to the potential increases in functionality and performance gained by the online interaction of end users with high performance computational instruments on single and on networked(More)
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