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The 26S proteasome catalyzes the degradation of most proteins in mammalian cells. To better define its composition and associated regulatory proteins, we developed affinity methods to rapidly purify 26S proteasomes from mammalian cells. By this approach, we discovered a novel 46-kDa (407 residues) subunit of its 19S regulatory complex (previously termed(More)
AIM To study the inhibitory effect of transfected PTEN on LoVo cells. METHODS Human PTEN cDNA was transferred into LoVo cells via lipofectin and PTEN mRNA levels and its expression were analyzed by Western blot and flow cytometry. Before or after transfection, the effects of 5-Fu on inhibiting cell proliferation and inducing apoptosis were measured by(More)
To improve animal growth, growth hormone-releasing hormone (GHRH) expression vectors that maintain constant GHRH expression can be directly injected into muscles. To deliver the GHRH expression vectors, biodegradable microspheres have been used as a sustained release system. Although administering GHRH through microspheres is a common practice, the(More)
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