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Rail Surface Defect Detection Method Based on YOLOv3 Deep Learning Networks
This paper presents a deep learning method using the YOLOv3 algorithm to realize rail surface defect detection. Expand
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Analysis of circular economy of Liaoning Province based on eco-efficiency
Eco-efficiency and circular economy are complement for each other.They have much in common in methodology,development goals,guiding ideology and implementation level.Eco-efficiency evaluation is anExpand
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Ontology Instance Matching Algorithm Based on Multi-property
This paper proposes an ontology instance matching algorithm based on multi-property based on Similarity Flooding algorithm. Expand
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Sliding mode control for a class of stochastic partial differential system with time-delay
Sliding mode control problem for a class of stochastic partial differential system with time-delay are studied. Expand
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The utility based tow-stage wireless network resource allocation
  • Song Ya-nan, Z. Qian
  • Computer Science
  • IEEE 4th International Conference on Software…
  • 23 May 2013
In order to solve the problem that the existing wireless resource allocation strategies only concern a single wireless base station rather than the entire network, this paper proposed a two-stage wireless networking resource allocation algorithm. Expand
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CORS:Application Prospect in Highway Engineering
As a periodical stage achievement of GPS technology,CORS has good real-time property,high precision and is quick in localization.From aspects of highway exploration,highway monitoring and theExpand
Research on Application of Dispersing Aluminas ZX1 and ZD1
The apparent characteristics , physical and chemical indicators and castable performance of dispersing aluminas ZX1 and ZD1 were analyzed. The application of dispersing aluminas ZX1, ZD1 fromExpand
Some practical algorithms for pretreatment of packing parts
Practical algorithms for circumscribed circle, circumscribed rectangle set and approximate ratio of long-axis and short- axis of packing parts are presented. They are applied in coding of packingExpand
Improved Effective Immune Genetic Algorithm for Solving the Packing Problem
In this paper, an improved effective genetic algorithm for solving the packing problem is brought out. Expand